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(Some of) what I wore - March

Here's a good mix of "trying" and "could not be arsed" outfits from March. There days when I roll out bed and just put on any random pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and assume it's all going to work because I've worn some combination of those things before. And then there are days where I make a bit of effort to mix and match things in new-ish combinations, like wearing my shirt dresses over my jeans. And on weekends I seek out dresses that seem a bit too "vacation" for the office.

I also made some effort to wear stuff I hadn't worn in a while, like a pale-green and white print blouse, which had gotten a bit neglected because it seemed like I was always wearing it the same way. It's had a pretty good run since I bought it in 2011, and wearing it reminded me of how much I liked it in the first place. Shall have to think of new ways of mixing and matching it.

The black knee-length skirt fell off the radar because my sister borrowed it for …

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